Can I use a Plane Pal or other sleep aid on Flights?

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My five-year-old has done two long-haul trips this year- once to the US and once to Scotland, and for both trips, she has used a Plane Pal sleep aid. The Plane Pal inflates and fills the footwell of the seat, creating a flat surface for your child to sleep on. It was a game changer for us, giving her a solid amount of sleep each flight and saving our sanity!

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Secret diary of a bulimic

Dear Diary,

I’m at my high school camp and was sitting in the food hall for dinner… I’d demolished my plate of food while sitting at the table with my girlfriends. We were giggling about the boy crushes we had sat at the table just opposite us, I felt happy and upbeat as being away from home with all my friends felt refreshing. It’s been a long day of fun (but sometimes annoyingly daggy) ‘team building’ activities and I was starving.

As I got up to grab a few more bites from the serving area, I heard one of the boys call out ‘Going up for seconds ‘big Bridgey’?’

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Halloween mini pizzas for spooky fun!

Halloween mini pizzas

These Halloween mini pizzas are a fun DIY project for the kids to help get them in the Halloween spirit.

If you are planning a Halloween party for your children, then these pizzas would be super fun and easy. Prepare the pizza dough ahead of time and set up a little DIY station for the kids to get creative with their favourite Halloween characters. Continue reading

Creating Christmas Traditions with your Family

We all have Christmas traditions from our families growing up and merging traditions can be hard sometimes. Does Santa wrap presents or put them unwrapped in a sack? Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? When we start our own families it can be nice to start our own traditions.

We have pulled together some ideas for you to help you create a magical family Christmas.

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How our local school benefits from Earn & Learn

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To get a good understanding of how the Woolworths Earn & Learn program actually benefits schools, I sat down with Nathan Casey, a teacher and the Earn & Learn Coordinator for Narrabeen Lakes Primary School, as it’s one of our local schools and a small community, so I was interested in how the program works for them.

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